The Black Smiths

Last week, Duntroon School walked down to the blacksmiths and made a heap of metal things. We took turns in partners to twist, bend and square off the metal. We made a garden stake with two twists going the opposite way and a circle at the top. There is also a point at the bottom, making it easier to put into the ground. I enjoyed the blacksmiths because I have been there before. I knew what to do, and I found it easy. While I was at the blacksmith’s, my favourite part was waxing the metal become rusty.

Cousins in the Holidays

In the holidays my cousins came down from Wellington to stay for the first week of the holidays. My Aunty and Uncle came down as well. Scott, Laura, Lucy, Tommy and, Charlie stayed at my nan and pa’s place for the week. We went to many places with them around Duntroon such as Elephant Rocks, the Black Smiths, Fossil Centre and so much more. We went for a massive bike ride from sailors cutting to Benmore Dam. My holiday was fun so I’m excited to have the next one.

Term 1 Review

This term I enjoyed many things but the most fun was touch and maths.

We did; art, math, explanation writing, Youth Town, P.E, SRA kits, and we watched a movie called The Giver after reading the book. I enjoyed doing the SRA kits the most because I moved up 3 levels I started at purple then went to violet then rose and now red.

I didn’t like the reading comprehension because I found a lot of the questions hard so I didn’t answer many questions.

The 2021 Dansey’s Pass Trail ride

On the 20th of March, 2021, The Dansey’s Pass Trail Ride happened. We had about 1150 people attending the trail ride including the marshalls. We had many stalls such as a coffee truck, lollies, spark arrestors, bbq, merchandise, and of course, registration. We also had had 6 tracks with a variation of names and lengths, Junior – 7km, Family Loop – 22km, Avandce Trees – 48km, Advance Tussock – 46km, Intermediate – 35km, and Extreme – 25km.

Three things I would change if I could

1: I would firstly get rid of all sicknesses especially Covid 19. It would mean everyone had more chance of living a longer life and not die because they were sick.

2: I would then get my friends to come over whenever I asked my mum or dad.

3: Have unlimited money. I wouldn’t be silly with the money but I would use it for birthday and Christmas presents also to have heaps of fun with my friends and family.

10 Fun Facts about Me!

  1. I get very emotional when my friends leave school at the end of the year.
  2. I love organization and tidiness meaning I have O.C.D.
  3. I want to be a teacher when I am older.
  4. I have 2 cats, 1 dog and many cows. My cat’s names are Milo and Boots. While my dog’s name is Marge.
  5. I love colour coded stuff.
  6. My favourite sport is netball and I want to be a player in the New Zealand Southern Steel Netball Team.
  7. I love to work with little kids especially 5 and 6-year-olds.
  8. My favourite animal is a cat because they are always there for you and they are so soft. you can have them outside and inside without them being stinky.
  9. My favourite food is Butter chicken but not many restaurants make it properly so that annoys me.
  10. My favourite subject is Math because I am good at it and I understand it.

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100wc Part 2

Ella lifted the bike and got sucked in leaving Polly to work out what happened. Polly tried to pull the bike but it was heavier than expected. She thought for a while. She called for help. No one came. She slowly lifted the bike up with all of her might and jumped right in. She looked around for Ella and Tilly and spotted them. They were looking at power poles. The power poles had all different coloured bikes on them too. We all thought maybe they were more doors to mysterious places or were they just tied there for decoration?

Growth Mindset

A Growth mindset is very important because it helps you overcome your fears, complete tasks and do your work. To get a growth mindset you have to believe in yourself and have perseverance. The keyword to a growth mindset is “Yet”. It is the keyword because a lot of people say “I can’t do it” but what they should be saying is “I can’t do it yet”. That tells themselves that it is possible. I have a growth mindset all of the time especially in netball because I am determined and always try. I have a growth mindset at school and at home as well. We were playing against a really good Twizel team and I kept on telling myself “I can do this”. By the end of the game, we lost but the score was 23 – 21 because we all had growth mindsets and kept on trying.

100wc Part 1

On the 11th of February 3021, Three girls named Polly Pocket, Ella Grayand Tilly Green were walking down the street listening to music for the newest app named Tangy when they saw a yellow bicycle. It looked like it was tied to a power pole by many cable ties. Tilly pulled the handle trying to rip it off the power pole because Polly didn’t want to get a spec of dirt on her pure white $1000 dress. Ella screamed as Tilly got sucked like a vacuum into the bike. A big poof of dust blew as the yellow bike fell back.