My First Weekend Out Of Lock Down

My first weekend out of lock down was a lot better than the ones in lock down (obviously). On Saturday I did some painting for my aunties birthday on Sunday and made a card. I had to do some chores so I did them while I was waiting for the painting to dry. On Sunday I got dressed into some good clothes and finished off the painting. At about 2:30 Mum drove Breana and I to Nan’s house for the birthday. After when ate the cake my cousins Jayden and Blake followed me to our secret hide out in the forest. I would tell you more about the hide out but it’s secret and you may find it.

By Isla

Back At School !!!

Being back at school is not that different but it is still very fun because I can see my friends and we are now using a new system in our school work. There is a hand sanitiser  bottle at the door of our classroom so when we enter and exit the room we sanitise our hands otherwise every thing is pretty normal.

By Isla

100 wc Week #32

¬†It’s a moon lit night and two girls named Emma and Olivia, at only 12 years old, roamed around the amazon forest while keeping a look out for the huge monsters lurking in the dark when Olivia spotted a open area.”Here is a great place to have our put up our tent Emma!” Olivia said “And we can also see the monsters so much clearer.”

Emma and Olivia walked out to the middle of the field and set up the tent. When they had finished setting it up Emma heard a noise. “What was that noise?” Emma gasped

To be continued…….

The Ice Monster 17 – 04 – 20

The crowd laughed and laughed and the police looked and looked for what they were laughing at. Suddenly Elise thought of an idea to escape. She would climb up the pipes to get to the roof and over to the back door. So that is what she did climbed up the pipes, got on the roof but the roof was too old and it cracked open and Elise fell through. She looked around to see where she was. She was on top of the Sabre – Toothed Tiger’s skeleton.

Diary Entry 16 – 04 – 20

I started off the day by getting woken up so I could help Mum and Dad scan the cow’s tags. After that I felt really good because I usually wake up late and then I couldn’t help Mum and Dad in the morning. I took our dog Marge for a run and for my exercise, came home, had breakfast then got onto some school work. Mrs Campbell, the Year 7’s and I had a zoom meeting before I helped Mum cook lunch. As soon as i had finished my lunch I rode my bike out to paddock 32 so I could measure it. I did this straight after lunch so I wouldn’t get caught up in the cows when the were walking to the shed. I then came home added the measurements up and did a little bit more school work.

16 – 04 – 20 Book Entry

Elise jumped off the cart and hid behind the wheel so she would be closer to the wooden doors of the museum. The crowd was so excited to be in the same area as the Queen so they shouted and howled to get the Queen’s attention. Elise was a little bit concerned that the horses would get startled by all the noise and they did. The jumped around while moving the cart and making Elise more and more visible to the crowd. Elise had to think quick. What was she going to do, how would she get past the police and into the museum. But it was to late. While Elise was thinking of a plan the horses had ran off and all Elise was hiding behind was air.

The Ice Monster

The book I am reading every night is “The Ice Monster” By David Walliams. It is about a 10 year old orphaned girl named Elise that lives on the streets in Victorian London. The part I read today was about :

Queen Victoria came to the museum of natural history to see the ice monster when Elise leaped from a tree branch onto the top of her majesties cart. She did this so she could sneak into the museum. The Ice Monster by David Walliams | 9780008297244 | Booktopia