My Favourite Book

Image result for a dog called homelessA Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean is my favourite book because it shows love and passion. The first one or two chapters are not very interesting but the rest is fun and exciting. It has 45 chapters with 5-10 pages in each chapter. If you are looking for a long chapter book this is the book for you.

Blue Peacocks

Male peacocks are a wonderful blue colour and have a blue crest on top of the head. They weigh 3.5 kgs to 4.5 kgs in weight. Over half their body length is from their tail. The tail is 140cm long. The rest of their body is 70cm to 100 cm long. They have the best plumage when they’re 5 or 6.


A blue peacock lives in India and Sri Lanka. With the predators of raccoons and also tigers are known for hunting them down.Blue peacocks are omnivores so that means they will eat plants and insects. The main things they are insects, plants, seeds and flower heads.


Peacocks have very good eyesight and hearing. They use their super senses of sight and hearing to find small reptiles, small animals, small fish and insects to eat. Once they spot their prey, they quickly grab them up with their beak and eat them. Peacocks can often be seen picking at the ground snatching up insects and small reptiles.


They live in forests, farmland, bush land and other warm regions with easy access to low trees in India and Sri Lanka.

By Isla