What I am looking forward to in 2021

What I am looking forward to in 2021

2021 is going to be so exciting and I am looking forward to so many things. The most important thing is netball. I am in the year 7 and 8 Kurow netball team. In school, I am excited about camp and Boyle river, and tech. As I am a year 8, I get to go to Year 8 overnighter which sounds very exciting. I also get to go skiing camp if it doesn’t get canceled. I am looking forward to going to wellington in the Easter holiday and turning 13 in August. Swimming sports will be really fun because I love swimming. As you have read I am looking forward to heaps of things and I hope you are too.

That Was Summer

That was summer

Remember that time

you were so excited to go to Bella’s

Then you stayed up all night

Singing karaoke at 4 am and

Going on night walks?

You gripped onto a rope and slid through ruts where the centre pivot went.

That was summer.


Remember that time

You went to a fancy restaurant in Wanaka

And you ordered butter chicken

Then scoffed it so quickly?

That was summer.


Remember that time

You packed your navy and black duffle bag

Then jumped in the car off to Storm’s

Ready to take heaps of photos and

eat lots of yummy food?

That was summer.


I Didn’t Mean To Kill Her!!

The sound of the motorbike woke me up and I knew it was time for milking. As I walked to the milking shed, I watched the sunrise. 

We finished milking and I saw Carol. She’s lush and green and I just couldn’t resist. I quickly snuck out of the line to get to Carol. 

Munch, munch, munch! “Sorry Carol” I said, really regretting my decision. Plop! “Sorry again” I started walking around to stop me from eating.

Munch, munch, munch! It didn’t work. Plop!

I saw Harry coming and he saw me! “You’ll have to wait old fella” Harry said, talking to his standards Harry revs his motorbike and I know it’s time to leave Carol.

Harry took me to all of my friends. “I didn’t mean to kill her!” I pleaded, wanting to stay with Carol “Sorry Bessie, Carol needs to grow before you kill her, once again.” said Harry

My Pencil Case

I’m writing about my pencil case because I have no idea what else to write about.

My pencil case comes to school with me every day and comes home again. It is grey with all different types of doughnuts on it. The zip is mostly pink but I drew on it with my blue pen. At the end of the zip is a doughnut. It is there so I can open and shut my pencil case.

There are cyan, hot pink and baby pink hearts all around the sides. The doughnuts have a yellow batter because they haven’t been cooked. The icing is either white, cyan, baby pink or hot pink. For the decoration, it is either sprinkles or drizzle.

Inside my pencil is four highlighters of the colours, pink, yellow, green and purple. I have a pair of blue scissors, a twink pen, a 15cm ruler, my deputy house captain badge, lip balm, rubber, pencil, a red pen, a blue pen and a black pen.

Our Lambs

We have two lambs that live out in the paddock but sleep in the calf shed. They are both white but one has brown spots on its face. Minty has brown spots and Tony has the white face. Tony is my pet lamb and Minty is Breana’s.

When we got them from our Nan and Pa’s place we had to feed them three times a day, 250 MLS each. We have started to wean them and have just gone from two times a day to a once a day feed with 300 MLS each.

They are Romney and are quite friendly and they are very popular. Their biggest fan is 137. She is a calf that lives with them and is always hanging out with them. Sleeping, eating, and just sitting around.

Romney lamb
P.S this is not Minty or Tony but it is a Romney lamb

100 Word Challenge

The year 2326 was when the tocumber (tomato and cucumber crossed) became a thing. Everyone wanted to try them but they didn’t know how to make them. The only person that could make them was Professor Garry. He made them by painting a normal cucumber red. Professor Garry made a concert to show everyone how they tasted. They were 20 centimetres long and he stuffed it all in his mouth. He felt really ill. “It must be the paint!” Professor Garry yelled. Everyone was in shock realising that you just needed to paint a cucumber red! 

By The OG Tocumber!

Tech Week Review

Last week was tech week so we went up to Oamaru for it. I was in hard materials with Mr King and on Monday we were talking about safety and rules around the workshop. We then started to make a pen and pencil holder out of pre-cut pine wood. On Tuesday we finished our pen and pencil holders and started on a puzzle. On Wednesday we finished our puzzles and made three different key rings. One was made out of wood, one was made out of metal (aluminum) and the other was made out of plastic (acrylic). On Thursday we were able to repeat one of our projects again, I chose to do three more key rings. I made six key rings in total. One for Me, one for Bella, one for Storm, one for Matilda, one for Neve and one for Brooke. For the puzzle I drew a pink heart and then wrote Milo and Boots inside. The pen and pencil holders design was writing of hexagons on one side and BFF on the other with the letters, M (Matilda), I (Isla), B (Bella), N (Neve), S (Storm) and B (Brooke) sorrounding it. They are all of my projects and what I did at tech.

Coateering in the 2020 camp in Wainui

The salty water rushed down my throat as I jumped into the cold and wavy water. I felt seaweed all slimy and soft against my skin. It swam through the holes in my pink Kathmandu shoes. We had walked over thousands and thousands of barnacles to reach, Baby, Mama and Papa bear rocks. As I hit the water my wetsuit filled with seawater making it hard to swim out. I kicked and kicked but got stuck in the washing machine. The washing machine is just a small whirlpool.

I finally got out, then stood next to Tahli while the morning breeze froze my ears. Jumping off barnacle-covered rocks was an exciting and favourite camp activity. Every now and then everyone said, “Are you all good?” Markus was my partner so he said ” Yep!”.

Pulling myself up the steep hill was hard because everything was wet, allowing me no grip. I got to the top but had very little breath and everyone was hot but they still wanted to do it again.

Term 3 Review

This term has gone by fast and it has been the only term this year with a full 10 weeks in it. There has been a lot of highlights such as tech, Youthtown, Maui puppet plays, writing with Mr nelson, and especially the skating and curling trip with the year 7 and 8’s. At tech, I was in Digi tech. I made a keyring for Breana and we also made songs. We had four sessions of Youthtown this term and my favorite game with them was Tchukball (pronounced Chuckball). With the Maui puppet plays, Mrs. Campbell split us up into groups of 5 or 6. We choose our parts and read off a script and performed a play. We made puppets out of paper and string and we also had to draw/colour scenes. Mr. Nelson taught us on Thursday and Friday last week and we did a lot of writing. Two main pieces of writing were; Dear Librarian and Teacher Gone missing. With the Dear Librarian writing, we have to give an excuse to the librarian why we shouldn’t pay $327.95 for a long-overdue book. The teacher has gone missing writing we had to write where, why, when, and how our teacher went missing. A couple of Fridays ago years 7 and 8 went to Dunedin for a skating and curling trip. We had pizza for lunch and had an amazing time even though some people got hurt.

Who Is My Hero??

My heroes are my friends such as Neve, Storm, Bella, and Brooke. They are my heroes because they are really good friends. They all have different personalities which makes them special in all different ways. Neve is energetic. She always participates in class games and is a good sport. Storm is confident. She isn’t afraid to give a speech in front of 200 people and she is always kind. Bella is enthusiastic. She always has a good attitude. Brooke is kind. She doesn’t say mean things to anyone and she is very truthful. That is why they are my heroes.